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BCH Resources

Common Formats

When registering records in the BCH, common formats are used to standardize information and make searching the BCH databases easier and more efficient. To access all common formats for registering information in the BCH databases, please follow this link.

Solutions for National Participation (Hermes and the BCH Ajax Plug-In)

Availability of Hermes and the BCH Ajax Plug-In for the development of Biosafety Clearing-House national nodes. Follow this link.

BCH Training Site

The BCH Training Site has been implemented to help registered users familiarize themselves with the functioning of the BCH’s Management Center, and to practice registering information with the BCH. The information registered on the Training Site does not affect the official BCH site and, because the site is secure, it is not made publicly available.

Enter the training site...


The glossary provides a list of definitions of common terms, acronyms and expressions used throughout the BCH website. To access the glossary, please follow this link.


The thesaurus is a list of pre-defined terms and related synonyms, or ‘controlled vocabularies’, used in a specific context. These terms are used to register and search for information in the BCH databases. A preferred use term in the controlled vocabulary is the term selected from among synonyms to be used for indexing and retrieval purposes. For example, maize is the preferred use term over corn in the BCH. To access the thesaurus, please follow this link.

Site map

A detailed map of this site which may be useful to see how the site is organized. Follow this link.

LMO Quick-links

An LMO Quick-links tool has been implemented to assist Parties in the identification of LMOs in documentation accompanying the transboundary movement of LMOs. They are small image files which identify LMOs through (i) the organism’s unique identifier, (ii) its trade name and (iii) a link to the BCH which provides easy access to decisions and other information. BCH pages on specific LMOs can be accessed by either scanning a barcode or typing the URL in a web browser. Due to their small size they can be easily included in documentation accompanying LMOs. Follow this link…

Online forums and portals

The objective of the Programme element 3 of the Multi-year Program of Work (Annex to BS-II/2) is the sharing information on and experience with LMOs and among the possible activities, it is recommended to make use of information-sharing mechanisms such as discussion forums and online conference facilities through the Biosafety Clearing-House to facilitate a broad exchange of views on experience with LMOs. To access to the on going online events please follow this link .

Interoperability Services Documentation

The documentation provides technical information on BCH interoperability services including information on the version 3.0 of the BCH Web Service, XML Schemas and Controlled Vocabularies. It also provides Quick Starts in VBA, C#, VB.NET, JAVA, PYTHON and PERL and relevant articles. Follow this link...

Mailing List

There are currently two listservs available through the BCH:

  • the BCH Current Awareness Service which sends out regular updates summarizing new information that has been added to the BCH. It is sent directly to users by email (or to a specified fax number) and the categories of information included in the summaries, as well as the frequency of their delivery, are individually customizable for each user.
  • the BCH Information Technology Specialist Updates which sends out information that is intended to be of use to IT professionals who are involved in (or intend to be involved in) maintaining databases or websites that are interoperable with the BCH. It will include periodic updates to changes in the BCH web service.

To subscribe to one of the BCH listservs, please follow this link.