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Gene and DNA Sequence
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2015-04-01 07:43 UTC (vglebedev@mail.ru)
Date of publication
2015-04-14 16:18 UTC (dina.abdelhakim@cbd.int)

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General information
Name of the gene or DNA sequence
Glutamine synthetase gene
Category of DNA sequence
  • Protein coding sequence
Is the gene / DNA sequence is a synthetic molecule?
Donor organism
Donor organism
Pinus sylvestris - Scotch pine, Scots pine, PINSY
Characteristics of the protein coding sequence
Name of the protein expressed by the coding sequence
Glutamine synthetase
Biological function
Glutamine synthetase (GS) catalyses the incorporation of ammonium to glutamate for glutamine biosynthesis, the first step in inorganic nitrogen incorporation into amino acids.

In higher plants, GS is responsible for the assimilation of ammonium coming from the soil, nitrogen fixation or nitrate reduction (primary sources).

In addition, GS has a function in the reassimilation of ammonium released during several metabolic processes (secondary sources), including protein and amino acid catabolism, photorespiration and the biosynthesis of phenylpropanoids.
Related trait(s) or use(s) in biotechnology

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